Are Hoverroo Scooters safe to use in Australia?

Yes. All our scooters fully comply and exceed Australian and European safety standards. Our full range of products have undergone various lab testing before being certified as safe product. All our product safety certificates can be found in menu.

Is it legal to use Hoverroo Scooters on the road?

The Hoverroo Scooters are not designed for road use. So we strongly advise that not to use Hoverroo Scooters on the road. Please consult your local authorities for more legal advise regarding operating in public areas.

Are Hoverroo Scooters integrated with a mobile App?

Yes. They are fully integrated with our own app "Hoverroo Ride Share" which is available on both Google Play and App Store for you to download.

Are Hoverroo Scooters waterproof?

Hoverroo Scooters are rated IP54 which means it is protected from water spray from any direction. But it is strongly recommended that not to ride through water puddles and on icy or slippery surface.

Can the Hoverroo Scooter tyre ever go flat?

Our Q and K series Hoverboards have solid rubber tire which will never go flat. But our V series hoverboards have inflatable tyres and can go flat.

What is the recommended minimum age and weight to ride?

Recommended age is 13+ and the minimum weight limit is 20KG. The maximum weight limit is 100KG-120KG depending on the model.

What is the maximum climbing angle for Hoverroo Scooters?

Hoverroo Scooters can climb up to 15° incline.

Can I disassemble or modify my Hoverroo Scooter?

No. Any attempt of disassembly or modification will void our manufacturer warranty.

My Hoverboard is running slow. Why?

Please check the battery level. If the Hoverboard has low battery, it will run slower.

How do I recalibrate my Hoverroo Hoverboard?

If the status indicator LED remains RED, the Hoverroo Hoverboard needs to be recalibrated. Please follow below mentioned steps carefully.

1. Place your device on a flat level surface with foot paddles facing up and level. 
2. Press and hold the power button until lights flash and then let go the power button.
3. Recalibration will take place for about 10 seconds. 
4. Turn off the device and restart. Your Hoverroo Hoverboard should be recalibrated now.

Note: If you had adjusted your Mode Settings, you may have to readjust it.

How to change the Mode Settings (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)?

You must be connected to your Hoverboard via Bluetooth and your Hoverboard must be on. You will not be able to change the mode while you are on your Hoverboard. Please dismount the Hoverboard and change the mode. You will notice a confirmation by sound on your Hoverboard.

My Hoverroo Hoverboard is beeping. Why?

i) The device has low battery – please charge
ii) The motors are overheating – let the device cool down
iii) Speed alarm – when the device is travelling over 10KM/H it activates speed alarm
iv) You fell off the Hoverboard – please turn off and turn on again 

What is standby mode?

This means the Hoverboard is still on, but pads cannot be used. It is the power saving mode when your Hoverboard is not in use. Standby mode only works if you are connected via Bluetooth to your Hoverboard and your Hoverboard is turned on.

Can I use my Hoverboard on uneven/rough/soft surfaces?

All our hoverboards are designed to use on flat, hard surfaces. Riding on unsteady/uneven/soft surfaces can lead to injury and damages to your Hoverboard. 

Note: We do encourage wearing appropriate safety gears such as helmet, safety pads, knee guards, closed toe shoes and proper clothing.

I have an issue that is not listed here. What do I do?

We are here to help you. Please contact us and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have at, customercare@hoverroo.com

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